Many teens watch shows that contain a great number of sexual content with or without even realizing it. Although the positive thought is there (encouraging teens to be careful), a lot of the real life issues are not realistic.

Quinn revealing to her boyfriend (who's not the father of the baby), that she is pregnant.
For example, on the hit show Glee, Quinn Fabray, a cheerleader has sexual intercourse with another student who is not her boyfriend. She gets pregnant, but is still able to attend school all through out her pregnancy and continues to sing and dance with the glee club. When she does give birth to the baby, it is over within hours, she gives it up for adoption and the next week she is back to school and almost everything is back to normal. Within a month or so, she even manages to get a new boyfriend and become head cheerleader once again.

Another example of a show that contains large amounts of sexual content is 'Jersey Shore'. The show is about a group of young people all living in a beach house together for the summer. Every single one of the characters in 'Jersey Shore' has had sexual intercourse repeatedly, sometimes with complete strangers whose names they don't bother to find out.

These shows, especially 'Jersey Shore' glamorize sexual decision making. They make sexual intercourse seem like no big deal. As well, they make it seem like it's OK to have sexual intercourse with people you hardly know because there is no pressure and that having sexual intercourse without building a proper healthy relationship is ordinary, as long as you are using contraceptive methods.

Unfortunately, it is not only the characters of shows that influence teens, but the stars themselves.

jame_lynn.jpgFor example, Jamie Lynn Spears became pregnant at the young age of 16. As well as being the younger sister of Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn was the main character on a show called 'Zoey 101'. The show was one of Nickelodeon's highest rated shows. The young teen mom decided to keep and raise her baby, pushing aside her career.

A star of a different kind, Bristol Palin, better known for being the daughter of the American politician, Sarah Palin became pregnant at only 17, one year later than Jamie Lynn Spears. Just like Jamie Lynn, Bristol Palin kept her baby and lived happily ever after. Or so it was portrayed by the media.

external image bristol-palin-candies-foundation-teen-pregnancy-baby-psa-590khz4710.jpgThese starlets have one thing in common besides being teen mothers. They are famous, and their families are very well off economically. These two girls do not come from everyday families, and having their pregnancies broad-casted everywhere sends the message that in the end, everything will end up happy and fine, and that everyone, even parents will accept a teen pregnancy in the family. In reality, most teenagers can not afford to drop all ther commitments to look after their newborn child. The media falsely portrays teen pregnancy as a defining moment in which you grow up and doesn't mention the consequences that accompany these life-changing decisions. Many stars should, but do not take into consideration the young people who idolize them before making choices that impact their lives as well as the lives of their audience. Children learn through example, and upon learning that their hero is pregnant and sexually active at a very young age influences them to follow in their icon's footsteps.

Recently Bristol Palin has been part of the Candies Foundation, which preaches the motto "Pause, before you play."
On the Foundation website, their basic mission statement is the following:
Each year, millions of teens are exposed to the foundation's messages, which encourage them to delay pregnancy and expose them to the realities of teen parenthood. Our approach is unique: all of our ads use celebrities that teens can relate to, in a style that speaks to teens on their own terms. We go beyond raising awareness; our goal is to influence teen culture.

Here is the Candie's PSA Bristol Palin was involved in: