Watch this trailer first:

At first glance, Juno appears like a great movie for a girl's night in, correct?

The movie Juno is a great movie, in the sense of the good acting, and the funny, smart and cute dialogue. It gives us a new perspective about teen pregnancy in this day and age, yet, it is all too idealistic. It delivers the message that being pregnant at age 16 is "no big deal."

JUNO..jpgIn the movie (as well as the trailer above), Juno says "I could like have this baby… and give it to someone who like totally needs it."

Throughout the film, Juno shows very little anguish upon giving up the baby once it is born. At the end of the film, everything pretty much goes back to normal for Juno, almost as if the pregnancy was just a blip in her life. She seems almost too naïve from facing the many harsh and conflicting emotions that pregnant teenage girls would normally feel.

Ultimately what this movie is doing is normalizing teenage pregnancy. In addition, the baby's father- Paulie Bleeker- takes very little responsibility, and this continues the societal myth that pregnancy is the girl's problem.