MTV Programming depicting the lives of teenage mothers.

Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant are two MTV shows that are meant to "sober" teens with the reality of pregnancy.

16 and Pregnant follows the stories of pregnant girls in high school, who have to deal with the decisions and complications related to pregnancy. Teen Mom is a spin of series, which focuses more on motherhood.

However, MTV's new teen-mom reality shows have been criticized for the glamorizing of teen motherhood. The stories appear gritty, and realistic on TV, but there is also a question of girls who want to get pregnant just so they can jumpstart their "career".

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As the new season dawns, MTV is looking for a new cast of teenage girls for the two shows. There is speculation that many girls who are "fame-hungry" are trying to get pregnant, for the sake of appearing of the show. This goes against what the show apparently stands for, which is using fear from real-life experiences, to prevent this arising problem.